How to use OpenFP


  1. Ensure to have a working ffmpeg setup. Ffmpeg is used for audio extraction. It must be able to extract your input audio/video files.
  2. Download/ckeckout and compile sources (see below).


  1. Create a fingerprint to match against reference fingerprints: ./openfp_extract match.mp3 match.afp
  2. Create some additional reference fingerprints with openfp_extract. Copy all of them into a "signatures" subdirectory. mkdir signatures
    cp *.afp signatures
  3. Start the server process (currently it expects a "signatures" subdirectory in the working directory). ./openfp_server
  4. Try to match a test fingerprint: ./openfp_match match.afp Depending on the reference fingerprints you should have a match now. If not, try use one of the reference fingerprints for an identity match to see if matching works.